Sunday, June 12, 2011

Soooo.....time flies when your having fun....LOL

I know it has been a long time once again since I have written a blog. Since I work with pretty much all trained chefs at work, there is really little to no opportunity for me to come up with specials at The Boathouse. That's fine though, since I am so busy with school AND I have made it on to the Le Cordon Bleu Culinary team under Chef Klaus Friedenreich, a CMC (Certified Master Chef). We will be helping the current culinary team for the september competition and my team (the new team) will competing in St Augustine in January. I told everybody I was going to be on the team. I did. I told everybody I would be a famous chef one day and I will. Remember you heard it from me first:-)

We are starting to get into some actual recipes now and I couldnt be more excited in class. Things are very disorganized on a daily basis. I have my crew of people I stick with because I know they have the determination and passion to succeed. We are the ones who finish all our recipes in class first and we are the ones that do 90% of the cleaning up afterwards while others just do their best at being lazy. Thats okay with me. They will never make it in this business with their attitudes. I can't spend too much time thinking about them though. Me and my crew are going to the top.

As far as recipes, as stated earlier, I have little time to worry about stuff besides my own future and success. The other day I was thinking, you never know as much as you think you know. I just can't believe how disrespectful some of these people are. A person I used to work with, who is near the end of his schooling at Le Cordon Bleu started bad-mouthing Chef Klaus the other day and I must say I have NO respect for him now. He certainly made terrible impression upon my friend Madison from my class. I felt embarassed over the way he spoke of Chef Klaus in front of her. I wish I had not introduced him to her. I will still act civil towards him but I do not want to be associated with him in any sort of professional setting or any setting at all. I have the highest respect for Chef Klaus, as do my classmates, and he deserves the respect from all of these young wanna-be chef's. Ugh, it really gets me upset when people are not humble and are pompous asses with out of this world ego's.

Anyways, another thing I have been focusing on are all the positive things, wether it pertain to cooking, working, or life in general. Things are just going fantastic. I have been stressed out over money and all but things aren't so bad. Well it's time to eat some GWABKI"S so later on.