Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Break time... and...appetizer...Salmon Mousse Amuse Bouche(sort of)

The other night Eric Hassard made the special for the evening and I must say it was fantastic for two reasons. One reason is that I needed a break for a day, but the bigger reason is that he was able to sell about ten of his specials on a very very dead saturday night. He made a scallop pasta sauce with a tomato cream base(similar to vodka sauce) and it was delicious!
Now for me, I spent the duration of dinner doing some very deep cleaning in the kitchen with John(asst GM). The stove looked spectacular when we were done with it. There is even more cleaning planned for the near future going even deeper inside equipment. John, along with myself(and anyone else that cares), completely believe in a pristine kitchen, being clean inside as well as outside. I'm a bit of a hard-ass about cleanliness.lol I truly believe that when you love what you are doing you are more likely to take alot more pride in your work.

So, Sunday came and went. Brunch was okay as far as profits go. I really wished we could have been busier.

I made a salmon mousse and chilled it in the fridge. I took a small 2 inch ring mold and cut out two circles of sourdough(preferably ciabatta). I thoroughly coated them in olive oil and sprinkle of salt and pepper and sent them through the impinger(an open convection oven with conveyor belt) a couple times to make them nice and crispy. I then took a 1 ounce ice cream scoop and put one (level) scoop of the mouse on top of each sourdough piece. I layered a few julienne strips of fresh mozz across the top and sent them through the impinger one more time. When they came out I placed two slice of grape tomato on top, pinch of dill, a pinch of lemon zest and a small squirt of lemon juice over top, both served over a small bed of fresh arugula. It was tastey. Dont know if it sold, my shift was up.lol

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