Thursday, November 11, 2010

Easy special last night...

Wow, I feel like I have so much going on lately. I've skipped some days I know, but some days I just dont feel like writing So rather than try and predict what would be available to me to use for a special last night, I decided to take a rather easy way out and just do a special flatbread.

I took 5 granny smith apples and peeled and cored them and threw the scraps into a pan with some water. I boiled it for a few minutes and strained it. I then added 2 quart of water to the strained liquid, 4 oz. of cider glaze and 3 cups of sugar. I reduced this mixture to half making a syrup. I had diced up the apples already (large diced) and then I threw them into the syrup and cooked until completely translucent and my syrup was thick(about 10-15 minutes).

I then thin sliced about a half lb. of pancetta, crisped the slices in the oven and let cool.

I then took a flatbread and placed about 4 oz mozzarella shredded, 2 oz blue cheese crumbles, a small handful of arugula(a peppery, leafy green often found in any spring mix), about 2 oz of crumbled pancetta, scooped the pieces of apple(about 2 oz) across the top and drizzled the syrup(about 1 oz) and topped it all of with about 1 oz of fresh goat cheese and sprinkle of salt n pepper. I called it a Candy Apple Pancetta Not bad, we sold like 5 or 6 of them.

Apparently Wednesdays are pretty dead. We got a little pop between 730 and 830pm but it was nothing too serious. Me and Andrew knocked it out. I must say, for a server working extra hours as a cook, I wish it was the other way around because Andrews doing an amazing job in the kitchen.

Anyways, yeah it was kind of an off night so to speak but it was cool. I stay up all night and wake up at like 730-800 in the morning so I better try and take a nap. Dont wanna go to work


  1. your special sounds much better than my soup

  2. Mmm. Sounds delish. I love your posts!

  3. Oh Luci Im sure your soup is yummy....your not talking about beef stroganoff are you? lol

    Thanks Pauly bro man dude-ski!

  4. Honey it is not beef is chicken stroganoff. The soup was no gooossh....